March 2016

It is now beginning to feel like spring here at the Blue Bell! We are still making deliveries of cut flowers; however, We have begun to renovate the freesia beds to make space for what is to come. We have started some hangers in the greenhouse already and are looking forward to a new shipment this week!  We expect to be opening up the greenhouse to customers in mid-April. Stay posted for more updates and help spread the word about our pick your own CSA!

Spring 2014

We are open for the season.  The pansies are beautiful!  We are not past frost danger yet, but there are flowers that don't mind the frost.  Pansies are at the top of the list, but also petunia, verbena, dusty miller and dianthus.  Don't miss out on an extra few weeks of color--especially after the long winter we just experienced.

The hummingbirds are back!

Every year the hummingbirds come into the greenhouse.  They must think they've hit the mother load.   They spend the day, zipping in and out of the doors or open vents, and I get a chance to watch them closely and to see what plants they prefer.  The myth is that they go to red flowers, and although that can be true, that is not their top priority.

Fuchsia is a favorite, but they will go to Scaevola (fan flower) even before they go to fuchsia, even though it's blue or white.  I've watched them hover over the red salvia, and then go to the white salvia right next to it.